Gilles Peterson: Stalking-accused ‘screamed racist abuse at DJ’s wife’

Gilles Peterson: Stalking-accused 'screamed racist abuse at DJ's wife'

Gilles Peterson

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Gilles Peterson has told the court he felt “very threatened” by Sarah Rook’s actions

The wife of DJ Gilles Peterson had “racist abuse repeatedly screamed” at her by her husband’s accused stalker at their home, a court has heard.

Sarah Rook, 43, is accused of harassing Mr Peterson and his family at his home and studios in London in February and March of this year.

Mr Peterson, 55, previously told Stratford Magistrates’ Court he felt “very threatened” by the behaviour.

Ms Rook, of Surbiton, denies a number of charges.

She is accused of harassment, stalking, racially aggravated harassment, and racially aggravated intentional harassment, alarm, or distress.

Mr Peterson, whose real surname is Moehrle, said he found a torn-up picture of himself clipped to the windscreen of his car and that he had been scared by a tweet sent to him while on air reading “kill him”.

Giving evidence on Monday, the BBC 6 Music DJ’s wife, Atsuko, said she was called a racially abused more than 20 times in one incident at her home.

Mrs Moehrle said the first time occurred at around 22:00 on 15 February when a woman came to her house asking for her husband.

“I didn’t open the door because I knew there was something very wrong,” she said.

“She just started screaming obscenities.”

‘Aware of my name’

Mrs Moehrle said the woman, said to be Ms Rook, “didn’t say many sentences, just words”.

“She repeatedly said ‘Hiroshima bitch’, she called it more than 20 times.

“It was racist words. it was targeted towards me. She asked if I was Atsuko, so she was aware of my name too. Obviously that’s my background. I’m Japanese,” she said.

The court was shown footage, recorded by the couple’s son Luc, of Ms Rook outside the family home repeatedly shouting and swearing towards the house.

Mrs Moehrle said Ms Rook visited their family home on several other occasions, one time pretending to be a charity worker and another trying to open Mr Peterson’s car before hitting it with a pole.

The trial continues.

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